Solaris Dome Accessories

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CCDS1415-BS Replacement Hemisphere
Smoked Replacement Hemisphere ..

CCDS1415-CMA - Corner Adaptor Bracket
For CCDS1415-WM white powder coated RAL9010 ..

CCDS1415-PM - Pendant Mount Bracket
White powder coated, RAL9010 ..

CCDS1415-SS - White Sunshield / Rain Brim
Fits onto the Head Unit to provide additional protection for the viewing hemisphere from bright sun ..

CCDS1415-WM - Wall Mount Bracket
White powder coated, RAL9010 ..

CCDS1425-BC Replacement Hemisphere
Clear Replacement Hemisphere for the Solaris Dome, models CCDS1425-DN CCDS1425-DNX CCDS1425-DN3..

CCDS1425-FM - Recessed Ceiling Mount Kit

Pendant Mount Bracket ..

CCDS1425-PSU  Replacement PSU for the Solaris Dome XTU unit
A replacement PSU for a SOLARIS XTU            LOGIN to view pricing ..

CCDS1425-RTU - (Remote Telemetry Unit)
Local power supply and control interconnection for Solaris Dome Head Unit. This product enables the..

CCDS1425-SN - Swan Neck Bracket
Supplied galvanised unpainted ..

CCDS1425-XTU - Solaris Dome Controller
Replacement external control unit (XTU) for the Solaris dome. Compatible with all Solaris domes..

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