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Visilynx 3 Integrated System Unit 32 x 8 ISU     Manufactured by MOLYNX Systems in the UK

The Visilynx 3i (VIS3I-328) is a 32 loop-through input by 8-output full cross-point video matrix node contained in a 19” wide by 3U high enclosure.
You can connect two identical units together using an expansion cable to double the size of the video matrix to 64 loop-through input by 16-output full cross-point switcher.

Currently supported RS485 protocols are:
Molynx, Pelco D, Siemens CCDA, Siemens SCU, Kalatel, Vista PowerDome, JVC 675, Ultrak/Diamond, Dennard, VCL, Videmech Universal, Sensormatic SpeedDome and Vicon




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Williams Electronics Llimited trading as MOLYNX systems